SciVet Fluke you

If you follow me on facebook you probably know that I drew the Fasciola Hepatica life cycle on traditional media. This a digital drawing based on my Fluke experience.

DDC Playground I

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Unicorn World - Happy New Year?

Hello lovely people on this corner of the internet. I am still struggling against my new year resolutions! Regarding my art, my investments and my professional life. I would like to accomplish something this year I just don't know what... Truth be tolled I don't think I will be starting any kind of resolutions until April, not because of the fiscal year it self but because of Brexit.

In any case I hope in 2019 I can finish the comic story of DDC, keep drawing lovely unicorns and, who knows, maybe some parasites life cycles! That is always fun!

For now I leave you with a cosy digital painting of some unicorns sharing the light of the fire place. This is the way I got in 2019. Surrounded by darkness, but with friends to support me, some hope and drinks. Thank you to all my friends that have been helping me though my uncertain moment and to all my friends that are with me in this mess called Brexit we will still laugh on the subject... :\ I tend to overact any way . . . .

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Sci Vet This Christmas Morning

 This are some sci vet drawings scanned from my not book. I share them for all the vets that are on emergency today to have some fun.

Merry Christmas /Feliz natal

Hello everyone it is nice to see you here. I'll take this chance to wish you a merry christmas. In case you are wandering why is my christmas drawing so odd. You can learn more about bananeiro at: 

To all my friends! Wait for me I'll meet you there!

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Unicron Work: Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! This is a Christmas digital post card, that is available in my Gumroad shop. I know many people are not really keen in to buying a digital post card but this is for my coffee pot! You see being an artist with a full time job I drink a lot of coffee so I would like your help to keep the coffee supply flowing! Around Christmas I put a post card available with the symbolic cost of one pound. So if you like my art all year around this Christmas buy me a coffee...    


The post card is funny titled: All I want for Christmas is food!

Explaining Christmas in few words I would say something like this: "It is a party everyone where gets together, there is plenty of food and we also decorate a tree".These unicorns did the best they could with the information provided and they are here to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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