Concept art - One Last Game

Some concept art for works to be shared after August!

Unicorn World Football Fever

This was supposed to be posted yesterday! Oh well! I had some problems . . . Thank you!

DDC: Coffee

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long time no see! Let's celebrate a new Monday!!!!

Unicorn World: A friend Forever

I'm following my one advice of keeping it funny or making it weird. I guess this could be a lot weirder!

DDC Room

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SciVet Khaleesivirus

Are you missing GOT? Every time I listen to someone talking about Calicivirus infections I  get this mental image... As well as some pictures of cats with a running noses, pneumonia and gingivitis... eh eh eh . . .  Have a great week!

DDC Salvation II

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Unicorn world - Totoro

Hi everyone unicorn world cross over with Totoro

DDC Salvation

Last time we saw our characters, they were about to start a new quest to convince all the people in this small village.... that they were deceased and needed to move on.  Now....

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Unicorn World Joy and Strength for 2018

Hi everyone! Here Wiscat Pereira wishing you a great new year! I still remember 2016 being an awful dumpster fire and the best image that I have of that year is John Oliver exploding a huge neon sign of 2016. Now 2017 is ending and it wasn’t all bad. It was probably the best year of my blog, since I have been released into the workforce I manage to find more time to keep new drawings coming to the blog! And I hope you all liked them! As for projects I started video editions and it’s coming along. But socially this was the worst year for me so far with all my friends scattered through the world and no one came to visit me. I tried my best to visit my friends but it’s impossible to please everyone I guess. As the year began to wrap it self I started to understand that many friends felt like I did. Being it so this year I wish all of you a great new year with joy and strength, specially my closest friends that have a very demanding job where you need emotional but also physical strength. You guys are awesome!

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