Inktober 2018 Final Result

 Hello lovely people on this remote corner of the internet. 
This is the final result of my inktober 2018. Some of the drawings are fan art other tributes to veterinarians. Others are dragons, unicorns and fantastic birds.  


Hello Everyone! You can actually see me drawing this in the video on the link bellow! 

Concept art - One Last Game

Some concept art for works to be shared after August!

Unicorn World Football Fever

This was supposed to be posted yesterday! Oh well! I had some problems . . . Thank you!

DDC: Coffee

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long time no see! Let's celebrate a new Monday!!!!

Unicorn World: A friend Forever

I'm following my one advice of keeping it funny or making it weird. I guess this could be a lot weirder!

DDC Room

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SciVet Khaleesivirus

Are you missing GOT? Every time I listen to someone talking about Calicivirus infections I  get this mental image... As well as some pictures of cats with a running noses, pneumonia and gingivitis... eh eh eh . . .  Have a great week!

DDC Salvation II

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Unicorn world - Totoro

Hi everyone unicorn world cross over with Totoro

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