SciVet Super Bacteria

There are a lot of factors that correlate in the formation of a super bacteria. This is a simplification in order to be funny! 

Any Microbiologist around? This blog sports researches on antibiotics resistance! If any of you ever needs a cartoon just ask! You should be very careful with antibiotics! It's very hard wait for a antibiogram when you have an animal to treat. It usually takes lots of time and is very expensive for the owner. But there are lots of decision trees and even a gram coloration can help you diced witch antibiotic is the best! And don't forget to remind the ones to keep treating even if the symptoms disappear! Yep that's a lot to deal with! 


In October there will be no DDC comic pages! No UnicornWorld Cartoon neither Scientific/Veterinary (SciVet) BUT there will be a drawing every day! To celebrate Inktober! 


I really loved to make this one! I think that this road trip is revealing the true nature of the characters! Dead is suppressed violent spirit! Cat clearly can't read maps.  Where is this village they going to? Will Death be mad that they are late!?  Let us hope that she's not like Dead!

But you'll have to wait a month to know the answer to those questions! You know why? because Inktobre is here! AND I'M GOING TO PARTICIPATE! So there will be no time to make comic pages...! ^^

DDC Loud

Many will understand the pain that is born out of this kind of situation were some one is passing music in the car (or their cellphones) for all to hear! You don't need to do that specially if you have bad musical taste!

Dead and friends are still journeying maybe that next Monday we’ll find out where they are going!    


Hi everyone! Here Wiscat Pereira celebrating Mondays again! As Dead said in the previous page they are on a trip and Dead is driving, for Death and the Cat this is a great misfortune because they can't kike her out of the car! They have to endure the singalong to incomplete musics! You should try to find out the names of the bands that she is singing! Tell what you think and share with a friend that is as annoying as the Dead.  

DDC: Fire

Hi everyone! Death the dead and the Cat are back and that means I need to work on Mondays again!!!! Yea!!! What a fun thing to do! But is all for a good cause and I’m have been missing the weekly publications! Even though the blog survived during the summer and it’s not the same! I’m afraid I have put myself in picked situation I’ll try to keep it up! It appears that September won’t be an easy month for me but I’m already focus on planning October!

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