David Bowie - Starman

Today was a very sad day and here is my tribute to a great Artist that was so complete and inspiring and needs no presentation! But there are no words to say goodbye... I thought a lot on this tribute and I was this close to make a cartoon about my rage against all those people that made unfortunate comments upon the news of his death... some things like " oh he couldn't handle the party of his birthday..." But ... doing that would be making this post about those people! And this is not about them! This post is not about hatred! This post is about my admiration for this amazing Artist! An this cartoon is for him! Yesterday I couldn't sleep because I had the music "Starman" on my head... It's not a coincidence ! His music helps me in the bad moments and yesterday was a really bad day for me... And today was even wors for the world...  

NOTE: Right now I have no conditions to make a better cartoon, I meen with more image quality

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