IMCF Montemor-o-Velho 2016 Calligraphy

It was amazing I loved every second, It's a shame that I couldn't be there for the whole event I could only be there at day 3. AND IT WAS WORTH IT! Poland and Quebec You guys rock and I was reeeaaalllyyy sad because I couldn't see the portuguese fighter (Daniel) properly in the morning. But it was worth it and at the end I could see a pice of portuguese action so it was cool (and also today... thru the youtube live sream... I must say THAT was using your head Mauricio) 

I actually drove 4 hours that day just to see this! And I did it in the best of companies! 

So today I'm back to my desk and to my illustrations and I got motivated to train my calligraphy with some simple exercises based on the event! Don't forget to share this If you liked it! Oh!!! And for thouse that don't know what I'm talking about here is the link for the sream of day 3! -

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