Toxoplasma gondii - Different approaches to the invasion

One day you are training calligraphy about swords fight the other day you make a cartoon about parasites... I can't do anything about it but I can speak about the parasite. You won't like it and it will be borring so it you'r not in to parasites there are a lot cut cartoons about the T-rex! - > T-rex Cartoons with no Parasites! <- font="" nbsp="">

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that affects more or less one third of the world population. It's a very efficient parasite because... it's rarely noticed. But if you are pregnant, or you have some kind of immunosuppression you might be introduced to this parasit by your doctor and this is a good thing! HAIL INFORMATION!  

Well you probably know nothing about this parasite but you know that if you don't have antibodies against it you "MUST" get rid of your cat. (That is not infromation) To be infected thru your cat he needs to be shedding the parasite, and that only happens once in your cat's life. You need to eat your cat's faeces with more or less.... two to five days old  (because it's the average time that the parasite needs to mature).
Most of the studies show that cats are not the main infection source to humans... 
Eating raw and unwashed vegetables... raw meat... or manipulating the soil with out gloves are actually the main source of infection. 

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