Manu the centaur

This is my first submission to the "Character Design Challenge"  

Short character presentation: "This is Manu. He's a traveler a donkey centaur. He wanders around in some unknown lands avoiding most of his problems. He's nobody's best friend. Donkey are really good for long distance traveling they resist well to dehidration and they require more fiber and less energetic food than horses. So this guy here is made to endures half of his problems and to avoid the other half!"

I'm not really good at coloring and maybe I'm a litle bit color blinded or maybe I suck at this!... Well I just have a lot of discussions about colores when I use them... So I shied away from them. But I really suck at coloring! Some may say that I ruined the drawing... I'll be the first to say it! ehehehe I'm trying to decide what coloring medium I should use... If you have some sujestiong I would love to hear them... For now... I think I should really try to master the color pencil ... I mean... they are not that expensive. I have a lot of them and I sould really figure out the coloring business before I jumb to ... let's say... markers... *_* MARKERS ARE SO COOL!!!! or any other medium!

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