Truth resists Simplicity

I haven't been putting things lately...I blame the weather... it's too hot! But I also blame my Master Degree Dissertation .... I have been doing some illustrations for it... and I also have a small project in scientific illustration that is not funded it's a thing that I really want to do!!!! SO I'LL DO IT!!!! --'' And I'm having problems with that also X)

I have made this drawing as a break from the scientific illustration! (You can see it also on DeviantArt [link]) And if you are a fan of CrashCourse [link] you must know thouse words! It's an expression that John Green [link] uses a lot and it... summarizes many of my conclusions in my study... I really love the show if you haven't watched it you must!!!! Oh... because the show as some references to Dr. Who and I'm also a fan of Dr. Who . . . .I put some Gallifreyan on the gears (tutorial by Loren Sherman [link]) if you want to know one sais the lamprey approves and the other green (lack of imagination) 

Pontillism on A4 Tracing paper most of the dots with a 0.05 Micron Pen but also 0.3 Artline and copic ciao... why so many brands you ask.. because the pens are always going out of stock...

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