Today Death is preparing for the results of the US presidential election!!! The dead and the Cat are home eating pizza!!! 

I Don't really do political cartoons ... I tried but it was demanding and I didn't get any fun making them, also none of my friends liked them and only they come here to see what I sow. [I love you my friends!] But because this USA election is every where and many amazing artists are sharing their view of this election I dicied to make something! After all me and my characters put the "Fun" in Funeral. 

I hope that Donald Trump loses, but I must say we all lost much because he legitimized racist behaviur and a demeningful speach towards women among other stuff. I was sad to see this speach being embraced by so many of the amarican people... I'm not a fan of Hillary C. but Donald T. goes againts my human principal.  

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