Who saw this coming?

A cross fiction between Lord of the Rings and our reallity where this 5 friends are in the coast of "Portalvora" watching as a cloud of trouble crosses the sees.

The human an the donkey goes: My necromancer friend what do you see in the distance? 
The necromeancer (grey cloak) answers: You are stupied not blind.
The other human (pink hair) says: We should kill their leader!
The hobbit (red cloak with black hair) answers: We should steal their weapons! 
The other hobbit (red cloak with sword): We should decide the place for our last meal... 

This is kinda the making of... with the sketch on the bottom. The paper that I used to pass the illustration to a heavier is on the top left. I used a soft pen to pass over the lines it's enough to mark the paper beneath with graphite but not to damage the paper! 

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