Hello! Sometimes is really hard to keep going and to keep the morale in the right place. I have learn in the past years that is all about perspective. But I still have to learn that I'm not responsible for other people feelings. If you have a very depressing friend that is constantly dragging you to the bottom and you fell responsible do keep them floating you should take care because you can be good at floating and you can be good at rescuing but you can’t endure a week or a month in a turmoil with someone constantly screaming “WE ARE GOING TO DIE” “THIS SUCKS” “WHY ME???” And you are right there with them (I would say in the same boat but there is no f*** boat)! I NEED PIZZA! 

If you like my cartoons I have a Christmas project were you can buy a digital card for 1€! You get an awsome card and the blog guets some support! I have 5 cards that you can purchase in the links bellow.

Unicorns&Pizza UnicornTree T-RexTree CalligraphyReindeer CatTree

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