Ungoliamt Jingle bells

It's the Christmas fever at this blog!!!! Middle earth fans YOU HAVE NOW YOUR CHRISTMAS SONG! A very awesome person on Tumblr wrote this poem her name is Jayne but on tumlr I know her by Ungoliamt! 
So please visit her awesome blog at: http://ungoliamt.tumblr.com/
The art is made by me not that awesome but I have my moments! Reading this poem made my day because I'm still singing this song in my head!!! I'm so happy! I hope Ungoliamt like's this art as much I liked her poem! 

If you like my cartoons I have a Christmas project where you can buy a digital card for 1€! You get an awsome card and the blog guets some support! I have 5 cards that you can purchase in the links bellow.

Unicorns&Pizza UnicornTree T-RexTree CalligraphyReindeer CatTree

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