SciVet Super Bacteria

There are a lot of factors that correlate in the formation of a super bacteria. This is a simplification in order to be funny! 

Any Microbiologist around? This blog sports researches on antibiotics resistance! If any of you ever needs a cartoon just ask! You should be very careful with antibiotics! It's very hard wait for a antibiogram when you have an animal to treat. It usually takes lots of time and is very expensive for the owner. But there are lots of decision trees and even a gram coloration can help you diced witch antibiotic is the best! And don't forget to remind the ones to keep treating even if the symptoms disappear! Yep that's a lot to deal with! 


In October there will be no DDC comic pages! No UnicornWorld Cartoon neither Scientific/Veterinary (SciVet) BUT there will be a drawing every day! To celebrate Inktober! 

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